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My art is inspired by my love of the outdoors and nature.  I have always loved animals and drawing and so now I am combining the two! I love to draw the garden birds that I can see from my kitchen window and this has now naturally branched out into other British wildlife including a Red Deer Stag and Highland Cow.

The second side to my work is Pet Portraits, capturing many beautiful pets including dogs, cats and horses.

I work with the best quality coloured pencils which enable me to capture all of the tiny details of the subject whether it's fur, feathers or scales!

Using high quality coloured pencils, I aim not only to bring out the likeness of your beloved pet, but to add life and soul into the portrait. I work from your favourite photographs and together we choose which one would make the perfect portrait, whether its one great photograph or perhaps combining a couple.  

Portraits can also be drawn in black and white using charcoal and graphite. 

Original coloured pencil and graphite artwork is available to purchase in the shop.









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