Samantha works from your favourite photographs to create a highly detailed portrait capturing the soul and character of the subject, not just a true likeness.  Using top quality coloured pencils which are archival and colourfast, this special portrait will last a lifetime. 
Pet portraits are also available in black and white using charcoal and graphite.
All that is needed to begin your commission is a high resolution photograph of the subject in good light and close up, in your favourite pose which really captures your pet's true character. You can send  a number of different photographs if you are unsure and we can discuss which one would make the best portrait.  Sometimes we may have to combine a couple for the perfect composition and detail.
A deposit of 50% is needed to secure your booking and a 2-3 week period will be booked into the diary.  The balance is only paid when you are 100% happy.  Samantha will then email an initial sketch of the portrait to check that you are happy with the composition and then will send regular updates of the work in progress.
The portrait will come backed on a foam board and wrapped in cellophane for protection.
Please get in touch to discuss your own custom drawing, if you have any questions about commissioning your own portrait, please don't hesitate to ask.

Coloured Pencil

Commission Price List

Ideal for single portraits                          

8 x 10"                          

8 x 12" (closest to A4)

12 x 14"                        

12 x 17" (closest to A3)                 

For a double or larger group

8 x 12" (closest to A4)

12 x 14"                        

12 x 17" (closest to A3)                



Photos - The better the photo, the better the portrait.  The photo needs to be good quality in natural light (no flashes), showing as much detail as possible and the true colour of your pet's fur.  Many of the commissions that I draw are pets that are no longer with us, therefore some of the photos may be a little older.  In this case I can use multiple photographs to create one portrait.  We can discuss this in more detail before you place your order.

Deposit - Once everything has been discussed and you are happy to go ahead, a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking (this us non-refundable).

Timescale - Portraits usually take 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on the size and number of pets.  If this portrait is needed for a special occasion, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.  There is a waiting list and this can change frequently, so I will give you an idea of timescales before you place your order.

Backgrounds - Backgrounds are not included in the price.  I can add a hint of shadow, but as backgrounds can double the amount of time a portrait takes, the price would therefore have to reflect this.

Advertising - Showing my work on social media is how I advertise my business.  If this portrait is for a surprise present then I will of course wait until the portrait has been gifted to post any images.

Copyright - Your portrait will be an original piece of artwork and therefore I own the copyright on this piece. Making your own copies will therefore be an infringement of copyright.  I may use your image to advertise my business, but I will not make prints to sell.








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