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I'm Sam. I'm an Artist and online tutor who is not only passionate about Art and teaching others to improve their skills, but also creating an environment where mindset is key to living the life you want.

I believe that Art can really help your state of mind, whether you are experiencing pain, anxiety, stress, or simply want to improve your mental state, focussing your mind on a project that is naturally relaxing or involves a bit more thought can create a state of mindfulness that can not only have a positive impact on the rest of the day, but also your life going forward.

Life can be is so busy, full of ups and downs, a rollercoaster that can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed.  This is definitely how is was for me.  I am a Mum to two adorable, chaotic, loud, energetic children which on one side was an absolute blessing on on the other side left me feeling anxious, isolated and out of my depth at times.  It was when my Daughter was coming up for a year old that I realised that I needed something that would force me to slow down, focus on something positive and fulfil the creative outlet that had been repressed for to long!  It was then that I picked up the pencils and paintbrushes after a very long break and the rest is history.









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